Collection: The Lollipop Fairy, A Sweet Birthday Tradition- The perfect gift!

The Lollipop Fairy, A Sweet Birthday Tradition is a sweet whimsical children's book that will captivate a child and leave many years of lasting birthday memories as you bring this annual birthday tradition into your home. Follow The Lollipop Fairy as she delights children with magical lollipop seeds on their birthday eve and celebrate as the birthday child awakes to a lollipop garden on their birthday morning. Bring this sweet family tradition to your loved ones day. 

This is the perfect lasting gift for a new family, a baby shower, children ages 0-10, a preschool or elementary school teacher, or anyone else who loves the magic moments of childhood!

Products available:

1.) Premium Gift Set (Hardcover set)

2.) Hardcover book -Individual

3.) Softcover book-Individual

4.) Lollipop stickers- Set of 5 (used to cover advertising on 4-5 ounce swirl paddle lollipops.

5.) The Lollipop Fairy Birthday Gift Basket-Local Pickup Only

What is the Lollipop Fairy Birthday Tradition? (Video)